Managed Backups

All shared and reseller servers are configured to store daily, weekly and monthly backup archives of all critical account data.  These backups can be used to restore an individual account, a specific file or to rebuild the server in the event of an operating system failure.

Our backup archives include:

  • Website files
  • Databases
  • Email accounts
  • Statistics and analytics

Customers with managed servers or VPS systems will work with our sales team to develop a backup solution that is specific to your requirements.

Anyone who wishes to add additional backup services (off-site, off-continent, etc.) should contact our sales department so that we can discuss options on a case by case basis.

Please note: we do not guarantee our backups.

In other words, our backups are here to supplement your backups. Although we have never had issues with our backups, we encourage you to plan for the worst by downloading archives to your computer on a routine basis via our control panel.