Fully Managed

Our server solutions are 100% fully managed, meaning that you need not have any experience with server administration or technical know-how. In fact, should you wish, you can treat these servers like large shared hosting or reseller hosting accounts.

Our team is responsible for handling every aspect of the initial configuration and ongoing monitoring and administration; thereby allowing you to focus on running your business.

Initial consultation

The first part of our full management service includes an initial consultation with our sales team to develop a tailored solution that matches your specific business and technical requirements.  We firmly believe that one solution does not fit all and therefore we prefer to work with customers on a case-by-case basis prior to deployment of any solution.

Configuration and deployment

Next, our team will configure your server from scratch in preparation for the initial deployment.  This process includes:

  • Operating system installation
  • Removal of non-essential services
  • Control panel installation
  • Security hardening
  • System optimization
  • Configuration of essential services
  • Backup configuration
  • Migration from another server
  • … and much more!

Ongoing management and monitoring

After the server has been deployed we are here to assist with anything server related that you may require assistance with.  While most management functions are handled proactively behind the scenes, you simply need to open a support ticket and we’ll investigate and resolve your issues, questions or concerns as quickly as possible.

  • We monitor core services 24×7
  • We keep your system software up-to-date
  • We install system updates and security patches
  • We debug errors, patch bugs and perform system compatibility checks
  • We install compatible and supported third-party software
  • We help you achieve PCI compliance if required
  • … and much more!