SSL Certificates

Secure Socket Layer (SSL or HTTPS) is a protocol for securing data transmissions across the Internet and protecting sensitive information as it is relayed from computer to computer. Our SSL certificate pricing begins at $29.00 per year for globally recognized certificates (Symantec, GeoTrust and Comodo) that solve the two foremost online security problems:

  • Authentication – proving you (or your server’s) identity online, and in doing so, creating a sense of trust and confidence in consumers using your web site. There are a few hundred million websites after all. Who is who? Who is legit and who is not?
  • Encryption – offering protection for the data submitted to your web site (or between servers) so that in the event of interception, it will be unintelligible without the unique key used for decryption.

While the most common deployment of SSL certificates is for the securing transmission of financial information, with incidence of identity theft on the rise, protecting the transmission of a broad range of personally-identifiable information is becoming ever more important.

It is also important to know that for you accept credit card information on your website you must pass certain audits, such as having PCI compliant web hosting, which requires a proper SSL certificate from a verified authority such as Symantec, GeoTrust or Comodo.

Please note the differences between the certificates before placing your order. Each certificate may vary on or more of the following criteria and it is esential you choose one best suited to your requirements. Installation on our servers is always free!
  • Validation type (eg. green bar)
  • Mobile device compatibility
  • Browser trust level
  • Warranty ($10,000 versus $500,000)
  • Number of subdomains secured
  • Timeliness of issuance
  • Website site seal
  • Server gated cryptography

As always, contact our sales department with any questions prior to ordering as we would be happy to help you decide on the best certificate prior to purchase.