ModX Hosting

MODX is an open source PHP application framework that allows you take control of your online content. It is 100% free and gives you the ability you to build sites to your exact specifications.

There are zero restrictions and through a super-simple template system you can build a website in a matter of minutes. Welcome to web-building nirvana. Flexible and light weight.

Who uses MODX? According to their website and recent conversations with their team:

  • MODX powers the Dell Design Library.  If Dell is using a free software – it must be good!
  • An ideal choice for companies (small and enterprise) including well known brands such as Hitachi, Bechtel along with hundreds of thousands of smaller organizations worldwide.
  • For the mens network, MODX both scales and optimizes to handle peak daily traffic of over 2.5 million page views.


All of our shared hosting, reseller hosting, fully managed VPS systems and fully managed dedicated servers are capable of supporting ModX and essential plugins!