Concrete5 Hosting

Concrete5 is another FREE and open source (FOSS) CMS system under the MIT software license that makes creating and managing websites much more simple. Anyone can start developing their own website within seconds, and the editing experience is as simple as it gets; just click on what you want to change and then do it.

More experienced developers still retain an extremely flexible and robust framework for building sophisticated web applications while saving both time and money as they are privy to all of the features included, such as:

  • WYSIWYG text editor
  • In-context editing toolbar – change your website as you surf!
  • Automatic navigations – add a page anywhere and it’s updated everywhere
  • Preview your changes before publishing
  • Track versions, and compare differences between them
  • File manager with bulk upload and image manipulation using Picnik
  • And much more

Concrete5 is widely used among:

  • Online magazines and newspapers.
  • eCommerce sites.
  • Extranets and Intranets.
  • Government web sites.
  • Small business web sites.
  • Non-profit and organization web sites.
  • Community-based portals.
  • Church, club and team web sites.
  • Personal or family homepages.
  • Marketing focused sites for a corporation.
  • Any school, college or university web site.
  • Many online communities.
  • Anything else you can dream up!


All of our shared hosting, reseller hosting, fully managed VPS systems and fully managed dedicated servers are capable of supporting Concrete5 and essential plugins!