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a noun meaning: sight, eyesight, view and dream was combined with the number 108. Seeing the need for individuals and businesses, both locally and globally, to have access to reliable cloud hosting services at affordable prices.

Based in Austin, TX, we’re not just another hosting company. We prefer you to consider us as your go-to team when it comes to outstanding and ongoing Internet requirements. We have over 30 years of combined experience and know how to deliver affordable results for individuals, small businesses and large enterprises that are on time, under budget and exceed expectations.

Our approach is slightly different, in that we don’t sell you what we offer, instead, we get you what you need. Even if that requires a recommendation to a competitor. At the end of the day your success is our success and we will do anything and everything we can to help you accomplish your goals.

We firmly believe in making sure our growth is both continuous and sustainable because it is all too common to see companies expand quickly, thereby resulting in service degradation. We have no plans for worldwide domination, although behind the scenes we’re working on some cool projects that we hope will change the world, and are happy to maintain the highest levels of service while quietly growing behind the scenes.


a number of significance in mathematics, religion, arts and pop culture. Some facts you may find interesting:

  • the number of Mbit/s of a non-standard extension of IEEE 802.11g wireless network using channel bonding.
  • the name of a community of and for open source developers, created by Red Hat Linux.
  • the number of stitches in an official Major League Baseball baseball.
  • The interior angles of a regular pentagon measure 108 degrees each.
  • is one of many numeric motifs that can be seen in one of the best television shows ever created, LOST. The sum of “the numbers” (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42) is 108, of which, must be entered into a computer every 108 minutes. The number 108 is also the number of days “the Oceanic 6” spent on the island. And Jacob tells Hurley to rotate the mirror in the lighthouse to a heading of 108 degrees.
  • is a sacred number in many Eastern religions and traditions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. It is primarily associated to yoga and dharma based practices with the individual numbers 1, 0, and 8 representing the ultimate reality of the universe as being one thing, nothing, and everything (infinity).
  • according to Marma Adi and Ayurveda is the numberof pressure points in the body, where consciousness and flesh intersect to give life to the living being.
  • the number of suitors coveting Penelope, wife of Odysseus in Homer‘s Odyssey.
  • the atomic number of hassium.

Feel free to drop us a line if you have any other 108 facts we might be interested in!